Dog training must be humane and effective

Dog training must be human. However dogs are not human beings, they are pack animals. They need an established pack order. Effective training demands that you must be the pack leader.

Teaching your dog to do something or breaking him of a bad habit can only be done by creating nice feelings associated with good behaviour (reward training) or by creating small unpleasant feelings associated with bad behaviour (aversive training).

Most successful training involves a balanced and appropriate blend of both reward and aversive training. Electronic training is most effective as part of just such a balanced training regime.

Aversive training can only be effective if the aversive stimulus is proportionate, getting the animals attentions by being sufficiently unpleasant but causing no harm or lasting effects.

When dealing with breaking your dog of an undesirable habit, it is impossible to “unlearn” undesirable behaviour by ignoring it or rewarding it and this is where the controlled, repeatable and safe aversive stimuli available from electronic training aids come into their own.

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